for Governor, 2018



Campaign Promises

Campaign at a Glance


1) Bring 500,000 new jobs to Michigan in my 4 years as Governor.


 2) End the corruption in our Courts and Legal System.


 3) Shrink our State government and it's spending, making it as lean, green, and efficient as possible


 4) Reduce taxes for the people of Michigan.


 5) Eliminate personal property taxes on your primary residence only.


 6) Revamp our state tax structure, eliminating all loop holes.


 7) Improve our state roads and highways without increasing your taxes.


 8) Improve our funding of our public schools by ensuring state lottery revenue goes to our schools, not the general fund.


 9) Provide full disclosure on all funding and spending.  Michigan residents deserve to know where their tax dollars are being spent and how.


10) Hold monthly township hall or fireside chats with the people of Michigan, efficiently keeping in touch and listening to the voice of the state.


Say "NO!" to the Status Quo

Representation for all michigan residents


The current establishment has long ignored the concerns of residents outside the large metro areas.  I promise to visit and listen to the voices in Northern Michigan, the Thumb, and Western Michigan.  Our state should be prosperous from Detroit all the way to Copper Harbor.



Justice for All michigan Residents


I have heard from way too many people that our justice system is anything but just. Over and over, I hear how their rights are trampled on in each step of the process.  I, as Governor, will not tolerate the rights of the people of Michigan to be pushed aside by the judges, lawyers, or the police. These men and women took an Oath to protect our state and federal constitutions.  If they continue to violate their oaths after being placed on notice, by the power of the people and this office, they will be removed from their office. I WILL NOT TOLERATE RIGHTS BEING DENIED!


Protecting our future

I will continue to advance our schools, making sure they do not fall behind, and placing priority on ways to fund and keep our schools up to date.  I will be looking into where and how our educational system is being funded, and making sure the funding is going where it is supposed to go.  Our children are truly our most valuable assets, so we, as a state, need to invest in their future and protect that investment.

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