for Governor, 2018




Not a career politician...


  • Transportation and Logistics Specialist
  • Owner/Operator--Home Power Source, LLC.
  • Co-Founder--The Public Image
  • Constitutional Rights Activist
  • Motorcycle Enthusiast
  • Husband and Father
  • ​Bringing 30+ years of business experience to the table


...but a leader that can identify with the Middle Class


I have traversed this great country of ours;encountering the abundant diversity it has to offer.


With my 30+ years of corporate business knowledge, management skills, and  enterprising attitude,  I have achieved the proficiency to lead Michigan into the future.


By lead, I mean the "VOICE OF THE PEOPLE"


I will be no person's sycophant or boot licker, whether to a senator, house rep, our even the President of the United States


I will uphold The Constitution -- The Law of the Land and our Bill of Rights -- The protection and preservation of democracy


Michigan is and will always be my top priority.



What I will bring to Michigan is ACCOUNTABILITY, EQUALITY, and INTEGRITY. Every politician I have ever talked to seems to lack one important thing, common sense.  I truly believe this is important to any great leader. I will not tolerate any deception to the people of Michigan from any elected official.

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